About the project

Outcome is a proposed general simulation architecture for testing future scenarios and ideas for human civilization development. It’s designed to enable simulating both the natural and social systems in a holistic way, taking into account their interconnectedness.

One of the main goals is to create a system that’s based on building complexity through contribution, which means we are aiming for flexibility and modularity, as well as for ease of use and low barrier to entry. We want anyone interested to be able to collaboratively work on creating simulation models and datasets.

We recognize the complexity of the systems we’re trying to model. We think achieving believable results with these kinds of simulations requires consideration of some of the emergent properties of those systems at larger scales.

The word Outcome points at some future situation marking the concluding point of our current civilization era — marking the game over situation if you will. This can be anything from a positive singularity to a global extinction event.

The project is still in it’s infancy. If you want to help see how you can get involved.

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