Anthropocene is a game based on the Outcome architecture.

Gamification of a simulation

It’s a complex strategy game set in the present/near future time-line. Choose a nation and lead it into the future. Save the world or destroy it.

Gameplay-wise, it’s Europa Universalis 4 meets Democracy 3.

You take control of some organizational structure, usually a nation-state. You steer the development of that entity through choices made as the time progresses. What matters most is how you decide to play it - your strategic thinking is the key here. You learn to achieve desired outcomes by getting to know the game systems and dynamics of the in-game entities, often by replaying certain scenarios a number of times.

Note: You could be tempted to think this game is some kind of a standard geo-political simulator game you’ve seen before, but in reality it’s much more in-depth than that.

How does it stand out among other similarly-themed games?

The difference between Anthropocene and most of the other games dealing with similar subjects is in it’s flexibility and scope.

Anthropocene is not only meant to focus on nation-states, but can also simulate any other types of organizational structures.

It also focuses heavily on building a proper atmosphere through elaborate storytelling, as well as through elegant use of music and visual art.