Considering Motivations

What are some of the motivations behind the project?

Games are satisfying

Motivation for making this game was, and still is, among other things, the fact that we want to play a modern-day strategy game based on complex enough simulation ourselves.

There is something about the strategy games in general. Maybe it’s about the necessity for quick thinking and consideration of the consequences (both immediate and long term) of one’s decisions. This kind of thing can prove useful not only for training “thinking skills” and learning in general, but can also provide high levels of satisfaction, as one continuously learns to better align the outcomes in the virtual world to own wishes and fantasies.

Learning is great

This kind of portrayal of the Earth as a big complex system gives an enormous learning possibility by itself. Systems thinking approach can be enormously beneficial when trying to better approach and work with complex problems. We think that giving people opportunities for learning about how different systems are connected and how they interact with each other has amazing potential in terms of future development of better integrated and more democratic societies.

It’s also useful just in terms of getting to know different parts of this global system, as we often tend to be ignorant to the parts that don’t directly affect our personal lives. So not just learning about the workings of the systems, but also figuring out the current state of things.

The overview effect

There is also the element of considering the Earth system as one holistic thing. Having this kind of simulated Earth system and being able to interact with it really helps to think about it in terms of it’s interconnectedness across all it’s subsystems.

It helps to get a wider perspective on different ways of living around the world and by extension helps to think more emphatically about people inhabiting other parts of the globe.