Get Involved

If you like what we’re doing here you can support the effort. There are many ways you can help.

Help build it

If you want to help, and are ready to get your hands dirty, you’re more than welcome to get involved in the creation of simulation models.

Note: The project is still in the early stage and as such there is still not much of a community going on yet. The following is an outline of what we believe is possible given the right circumstances.

Who are we looking for?

This is the wrong question. With sufficient understanding of the underlying architecture anyone can contribute.

Of course we all have different backgrounds and experiences - this can prove useful for creating content related to some specific areas of interest.

You don’t need prior experience with programming to contribute.

What does the contribution process look like?

It’s an open collaborative model. For the most part it’s basically a free-for-all modding process.

  • You may want to test your ideas and unleash your creativity creating your own modules and scenarios using the provided simulation base.
  • You may want to help update, polish and expand the proven simulation base.

The only structured contribution process is related to the last option, where the simulation base is concerned.

What kind of work needs to be done?

One of the goals of the project is to provide the simulation base which is as good of a representation of the real-world systems as we can create. This means the process of building this simulation base has to include some ground rules.

Going forward, there will be many disagreements about how to create higher-level abstract descriptions of our real-world systems for the simulation base. It’s always useful to remember that:

  • the system models we’re creating are not going to be perfect, they are made as abstract representations, not one-to-one copies
  • there is no one best way to create an abstract representation of a system; or: there can be many ways to implement a high-level representation of any given system

Careful documentation of ideas and proper research are key. We strongly believe that a community based approach, where everything is up for revision upon sufficient evidence, creates a healthy environment for this kind of effort.

Help by providing feedback

Play-test other people’s work, provide feedback upon what works, and what doesn’t. This applies both in terms of gameplay value and content value.

Be constructive. If you don’t like something, say what it is you don’t like. If you love some solution, make sure other people know about it. In both cases though - try to provide explanation for why something works or doesn’t work. Constructive feedback is one if the best things you can do to help if you don’t really want to dive into the other things.

Help with money

You can help ensure a smooth creation process by financially supporting the project itself and/or individuals creating your favorite modules and scenarios. More money usually means more time they can spend on what you want them to be doing.