Outcome is meant to become a collaborative project for serious useseducation and future studies.

The simulation aspect of the project

The modular design allows people to build and run their own modules on top of already created existing sim models. This, together with the Game aspect of the project, allows for creation of immersive educational environments, if done properly1.

If done right, it could have some amount of success amplifying discussions on important questions regarding the future development of human civilization. One of the inspirations for the project is World3 model, which indeed succeeded in raising awareness of many current global problems - mostly related to unsustainable economic practices and widespread illogical notions of infinite growth within a closed system.

  1. Proper execution is the key here, meaning that the simulation models developed would actually useful in that is mirrors behavior of the real-world systems. Creation of such models is a big task, but arguably one that is achievable if divided between larger numbers of collaborators.